Softplan 14 Classroom

Architectural Drawing in SoftPlan 14

Classroom at LCCVI
Using SoftPlan 14, use the Draw tool to create four 10" Block (no footings) walls. Refer to your graph paper sketch for measurements of classroom components in the room.The top of your screen is north. Use wall measurements as follows: East & West walls:70 feet, North & South walls: 32 feet. All walls heights are 10 feet high. You must include: 4 outside doors, windows on east side of room, ceiling, the 2' x 4' fluorescent lights from the suspended ceiling, HVAC grilles, grille, all desks,tables, all computer monitors and keyboards, filing cabinets, shelves, and the heating/cooling unit. Also include: garbage can, people, electrical outlets, clock, tv, electrical panel, smoke detectors, baseboard heaters and blackboards. We will put on a regular truss roof to make it look like a 1 room schoolhouse.

Note: DO not render 3D until I instruct you to how to do it it properly and not loose your plan.